Choose the right GUN-eX® for you

Choose the right GUN-eX® for you - Athleticum Fitness

If you can’t decide which of our GUN-eX® training tools is right for you? Here’s our quick guide that should help you choose.



COBRA rope is the modern replacement for battle/power rope. You can do all the same exercises with it as with a regular battle rope, but because it’s elastic it has several advantages.

Ropes fight back, making you work harder and thus making whole training more effective. In addition to all battle rope exercise you can do a lot more – sprint, jump, do push and pull exercise. Its real full body workout in just one training tool.

  • Train complete body (upper, lower and core) . Strength and power, speed, acceleration and overall body and core strength. COBRA ropes will give you new and exceptional ways to train.
  • Easy to set up and train anywhere, outdoors or indoors. Widely used by athletes, sport teams and their coaches for fitness conditioning.
  • Perfect for every Personal trainer, bootcamp instructor, or group trainers. Tools can be used as PT tool, part of bootcamp or circuit training or as standalone group class called GUNNING® with multiple COBRA ropes.
  • COBRA is the most versatile training tool on the market.

Unless you have sport specific or physiological needs, COBRA is the most universal and the most popular training tool that we recommend to everybody.




MINI COBRA is the short version of COBRA rope. It’s recommended for gyms and fitness clubs with limited space available. Because of its shorter length, MINI COBRA feels a bit different when doing battle rope exercises.
  • Short version of COBRA rope.
  • Perfect for small group training in smaller spaces.
  • Can be used in any circuit or PT session.
  • Train upper body strength, lower body speed, acceleration, agility and reactions.
  • Easy to set up, train and travel with.
  • Recommended for indoor use but can be used outdoors as well.

The MINI COBRA is recommended to everyone who wants COBRA rope but is limited by available training space.



The DOUBLE TRAINER is a unique hands free resistance piece of equipment providing full body workout to improve your strength, coordination, mobility and flexibility. It provides resistance to your every move, be it upper body, legs or core.

You can train at home, garden, garage, park, gym or anywhere you go. The GUN-EX® DOUBLE TRAINER weights only 1kg (2.2lbs) and has a size of a sneaker.

  • Improve your coordination and build up core, upper body and lower body strength.
  • GUN-EX® DOUBLE TRAINER includes Hands Free cuffs that can be attached to your wrists or ankles. Door Anchor can be locked inside door frames or wrapped around any object, indoors or outdoors.
  • Resistance cords have safety sleeves from Cordura® material to protect you while training. Rubber cords are rated to last over 100.000 reps.
  • 1 resistance band generates equivalent of 10kg/22lbs force at maximum length.
  • Two resistance bands allow you to add or subtract resistance and adjust your workout difficulty to fit your needs.

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