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The Spinning® Bridge Program launches in the UK and Ireland
Are you a fitness instructor who has been previously certified in another indoor cycling program? If so, then you may be eligible to participate in the Spinning Bridge Program. This convenient online course will allow you to earn the globally recognized Spinning Instructor Certification. Keep reading to learn more about this exciting opportunity. 
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In the News: RIDE HIGH Magazine (May 2021 Edition)

We were super excited to have our Owner/Director Sarah Morelli feature in the panel discussion of the May edition of Ride High Magazine. "Getting the wheels turning again" written by Kate Cracknell.

Such a great article with so many ideas and tips for Spinning® and Indoor Cycling studios out there who need a little guidance. Read more...

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Spinning®: More Than A Bike - A Legacy!
We started with a simple goal of bringing an authentic cycling experience indoors nearly 30 years ago. Today, the Spinning® program and our line of Spinner® bikes continue to define the indoor cycling category – training more than 300,000 instructors at over 35,000 facilities, reaching millions of riders in 80 countries worldwide.

Watch the Spinning® story unfold on our YouTube Channel today and share the video to let people know that you ride with Spinning®!
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Myzone Data and Discounts

We love working with numbers and figures and we also love a discount!

The creme de la creme is to work with Power (Watts) so you truely can work out energy out (and therefore energy in too!) But what do you use in the absence of Watts. Let's say for example that you just got started, and are riding one of our SPIN® home bikes in the corner of your living room three times a week.  How do you know how hard or easy to ride? How do you know if you're improving? Well it's not rocket science... you need the clear data and an easy easy to track it.

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Choose the right GUN-eX® for you
Ropes fight back, making you work harder and thus making whole training more effective. In addition to all battle rope exercise you can do a lot more – sprint, jump, do push and pull exercise. Its real full body workout in just one training tool. If you can’t decide which of our GUN-eX® training tools is right for you? Here’s our quick guide that should help you choose.
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