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Quality is Key - Athleticum Fitness

With indoor cycles sales booming due to the pandemic it is more and more important for consumers to focus on the quality and history of the product build and not just the hype or price.

Last week (16/10/2020) Peloton recalled clip-in pedals on about 27,000 of its bikes after it received reports of broken pedals causing injuries, including five that needed stitches or other medical care. The recall applies to pedals on bikes sold between July 2013 and May 2016, Peloton said in a post on its website.
Luckily the SPIN® Home bike offering comes from over 25 years of figuring out what works and how to build solid bikes, learning from the commercial bikes built for the studios when it first created the indoor cycling phenomenon. Lessons on pedal quality was one learnt by Spinning® in the early days hence the creation of oversized dual pedal offering which now come as standard on some of the home bike range including the SPIN® L7 and L9 home bike.
Quality is not a bonus, it's a necessity when you are turning the pedals on average 5000-6000 revolutions in a hour!
To learn more about purchasing a Home SPIN® bike and its features click the link and stay safe. 
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