PROS:2022 | Spinning® and Gun-ex® MEPs powered up by Myzone®

PROS:2022 | Spinning® and Gun-ex® MEPs powered up by Myzone® - Athleticum Fitness

PROS:2022 | Spinning & Fitness Conference is about to go full throttle in just a few short weeks. We are delighted to confirm that we are once again teaming up with Myzone® for this 3 day event taking place in Blackpool, 25-27 March.

The Myzone team will be 'tiling up' the Main Spinning® Zone and the Gun-ex® Zone for the weekend, on hand throughout the weekend to loan out myzone belts to all those who want to get the best out of their weekend. Plus those who are avid Myzone MEP fans will be able to ramp up the MEPS which is bound to crush the monthly targets!

Billy Burchett who has been leading MZ Remote and Cardio Club Classes throughout the pandemic lockdowns with be presenting two workshops over the weekend schedule (Click here to check out the schedule)

Billy has just written and programmed the MZ Burn series and has worked as a general manager of the CEO’s Myzones fitness club. He also presents at Myzone University being the head coach for the day and has featured in an article for the CBID IHRSA magazine. Billy works closely with myzone on a day to day basis testing a lot of the new features that myzone develops as he ensures that myzone runs through the core of his club.

Billy is currently working as a master trainer for myzone travelling the UK and abroad educating various types of facilities on how to effectively coach using myzone and to build excitement and knowledge for teams that are using myzone in a day to day basis.

Why not sign up to this first LIVE IN-PERSON event and take part in Billy's sessions. Whether it's just for one day, or the whole weekend, you'll come away with so much inspiration to last you until next year's PROS event!


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